Thursday, March 24, 2011

Facebook, YouTube, and Friends

My David was excited over the Gators!
Tonight I watched with excitement of my Gators win in overtime. As excited as I get for them (and I get really excited - just ask Heather), that cannot even compare to the joy that flooded my heart when Heather (and David) walked over to me, she lifted her top over her tummy and said "He's really active". I pressed my face and hands against them and started telling him how strong he is and what a fighter I have. Usually he stops moving with my warm hands, but tonight was different - he moved his whole body up against my face as I spoke to him. He feels so big, so strong - I just know he's going to come out with boxing gloves. 
 "My fighter." I always say.

So, as soon as we received the news from the doctor's about David's diagnosis, we immediately began doing research. Research for medical statistics, but also for Trisomy survivors. We went to YouTube and simply typed "Trisomy". We found so many stories and journeys, hope overflowed with our tears. 

Our doctor had also told us of a couple local families that have surviving Trisomy children. We agreed to allow them to contact us, not really knowing what they could say to help us during this time. But Oh My...We now have a new family of support. Jeannette, who I refer to as Caleb's Mom called our home. I listened to her, I spoke and she listened - then something big happened. We started a family Facebook page, and Jeannette opened up "the family" to us. Within one day, about 80 families have be"friend"ed us. 
God is so good. 
We thought we had a HUGE support system before (Shout out to our close friends!) 
And now that support has literally grown across the world. So many people have contacted Heather by name and said "I've been there, and we are praying for your family." 
I used to think facebook was just an extension of a college dating service. And how ridiculous I thought it was when I would read "Corn flakes or Oatmeal" really. 
But now I think Jesus, would be on facebook!  (Can you picture his disciples creating "event" pages, and Mary Magdalene "Attending")   Well, I believe he was today anyway...

And Here's Why - I just read a post that said "On our way..Taking every bit of ounce in me to keep it together." Then I watched 19 comments poor in saying "praying for your family" and "It's time to meet your princess"  - then I began to pray over this Mother and child. 

Angie - I am praying over your baby.
Not Really Me

This wouldn't have been possible, any other way.

Our family is experiencing something very special.  

A Social Network of Faith.

Thank you God for Facebook, YouTube, and Friends.

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  1. I would welcome you to the family, but this is one family I wish none of us had to join. That being said I would not trade this experience because it forced me to depend upon God in ways that I thought I was doing...not really though. As a father, I would advise you to look at your faith and learn to walk this journey by faith and not by sight. It isn't easy; however, please remember this one thing: God loves this child more than your wife or you ever could. I have learned that it is arrogance to question God as though you care for this child more than Him. It will help you keep everything in perspective because it will help you stay humble. We are happy to be a support for you in any way we can. Our daughter is 2 years old and in the midst of a surgical procedure having been in the hospital for the last 3 weeks. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and we will happily answer them even though you're a Gators fan...Go Bucks! You can visit our blog.

    Brad Smith