Thursday, March 10, 2011

A New Day

I wake up.  The sun comes up with me.  Yes, it's good to have a new day. Because today I can choose to have hope in a miracle.  And that's what I  Then tomorrow, I'll wake up and just as the sun comes up, I'll turn to my bride, extend my hand onto her tummy - and feel my boy kick me.  Then I'll choose once again to have hope in this miracle. Some may call it false hope. Some may say i'm being naive.  Maybe... or maybe not.  I know what I want to happen AND I believe that my Father in Heaven can provide the desires of my heart.  So I will choose to believe He will bring a miracle baby out of the womb, and I will have tears, tears of joy.

That is what I will choose to believe on this day.

If the Lord doesn't have the same outcome in mind.
I will step into that moment - at that time.
Oh, I will ask "Why"
probably followed up with some expletives,
and I will cry.

I will then gather up the pieces of my heart,
put on my armor and strap on my boots

then look my dear wife in the eyes
and show her the strength - that I know He will provide.  

I will hold my daughters heads under my arms,
and show them the strength - that I know He will provide.

And I will look down at my boys and pass them a wink,
then say a prayer - for them to remember this moment

The day their Daddy had the strength - they knew he would provide.

But until that day comes - I will have my hope that my son will be born. He will let out a roar from heaven and send goose bumps up and down the spines of those that told me to prepare for his death, before we celebrated his life.

"Hey Doc, that feeling you just had - that's the Three-In-One, passing through your body.  WWJD, you say?  His name is David, D-a-v-i-d, now sign those papers so we can be on our way."

"That naive Dad" The guy who didn't believe a word you said.

Thinking of how far we have come since the news that day.
My mind is made up - I didn't come this far to let all the FEARS and WHAT IF's flow through my head.

I traveled to the other side of the world not too long ago, and of all the many God-Inspired moments I experienced - One hit home for me today.

During one of our village stops, I met a man.  This man showed such faith.  He believed - "if these foreign people would pray to this God, my child would be healed."  He brought a picture over to touch her and pray for her.

Just like that. No questions asked.  "Pray over this picture, and I believe."  What?!
As I prayed, I too began to believe that my God could perform this miracle.  Now, over a year later and thousands of miles away - I see that man's eyes, filled with such faith.  He's extending his hand to show me his child.

I receive your prayer request my friend, and thank you for showing me how to have strong faith for my child.

Thank you Jesus for this reminder, of my dear friend and the hope he had that day for his child.

As I think of that man and the picture of his daughter.  I can't help but to think, "Can I be that father?" Can we gather our friends to touch and pray over my child?

Friends, Heather spoke to me about having a time of prayer over her and the baby. If we could put together an evening and time, would you be willing to surround us and cover this baby in prayer?

I would especially ask my dear friends who joined me on our journey through India to be with us.  As well as, all of the God-Fearing, Mother's that have held my bride up in their prayer life.  Could this become a reality?  Would you join us to pray for a miracle?  Please contact us, if you are interested. God bless and thank you for all the prayers you have already said on behalf of our family.

 - Aaron
story's of hope in a miracle

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