Saturday, March 12, 2011

God is so Good

You hear me God?!  All in!  I shouted from my soul today.
He has shown me, through this FIGHT, that He will not let me go.  His promise is true - He is always with me.  He cares about me, and He loves me.  I struggle accepting that from you.  But today, Father - I'm all in.


I have spoke at lengths with my good friend Jeff about "what legacy I will leave my kids"  Between me and him that is our FIGHT in this world.  So with the thoughts that we need to journal everything for David - it hit me and I am embarrassed to confess - I should have been doing this with all my children, with my wife, to my wife.  This thing called life has no promise for tomorrow for any of us. The fact that we "know" T18 could end David's life sooner than most, has given me a new perspective for living each day to the fullest.  So I bought a journal for Heather and I to write quotables, notables, and great memories for each of our children.  (They are also for us when we get old and forget these great times.)

Today I was able to start writing in each child's book "Born:.." "Weight" "How It All Went Down...Daddy was driving really fast..."  Such great memories of our older kids too.  My Goodness how time flies!

A family's legacy

3 EXAMPLES of God Walking with Me.
1) I was in Books-A-Million looking for a book for my friend, when I came across this book from Max Lucado.  As I walked by, I doubled-back, and starred at the cover...I see my son.  That's my fighter!  Now of course, I got the book because it's Max Lucado talking about leaving a legacy, but that was a moment God had set up for me.
2.) Heather and I have been discussing how we can capture our son.  Thanks to technology, we can see him now.  We are investigating the pricing of this, and have heard it's pretty costly.  Today, I spoke to a close friend who said they would like to help bless us with a donation towards seeing our son.  I had to hang up the phone, because I had my reputation to uphold - but don't you know, I cried like a baby.  God is so Good.
3) Also today, along with journaling my children's lives up til now and receiving news that it will be possible to see my son very soon.  I spoke to a mom from Ocala.  Her son also has Trisomy 18, his name is Caleb, and he will be 2 years old this month.  I thank Jeannette for the phone conversation, for calling a stranger, and giving us hope.  God winked again.  He is so Good.  

If you'd like to see their beautiful baby Caleb - click this link:

What a day for me today.
David, you're already making an impact on me.

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