Tuesday, March 29, 2011

See You Soon

March 30th - 2:26am
I can't sleep.  I get to see him this morning.  
15 minutes with Mom and Dad.
We are doing a 3D ultrasound at 10am today, donated by people who love our family.  
What a gift.  The gift of seeing his face, and his strong body.  

I am indebted to the people who are donating their resources to making this preview happen.

Dear David,
A song just played that makes me think of you.  
It's my anthem to you son. 

What will you look like? Will you have my eye's, your mother's chin?  Will you look at us in the camera? Will I see your fingers and hands opened up or will you have on your boxing gloves? Will your arm be extended like Mel Gibson in Braveheart or will you be flexing like Arnold?
Will you be preparing for battle like your first name or playing the air guitar like the one who shares your middle name?

 Only two things I know for a fact:  You are my son and you are beautiful.  
Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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