Thursday, February 17, 2011

Confirmation from the Specialist

February 17, 2011

Today we were transferred to the pediatric specialists from our mid wife.  We went through a thorough sonogram session, met with a genetic counselor, and NICU staff.  Emotionally spent.

It was very surreal sitting with doctors talking about our child's death, before we had ever even celebrated his life.

Confirmation came from the doctor "99% sure it's Trisomy 18".  He has a defect in his heart, and three other symptoms of the chromosome syndrome.  The good news is that he is confident David will be strong enough to survive the full term.  We are 20 weeks.

-Aaron's Journal Entry

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  1. Hey guys - there are friends praying for you in Fort Worth Texas!

    Here is a video for you to see and give you some great encouragement.

    Love you both!