Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Phone Call

February 15, 2011

Today Heather called my crying so hard she had to keep catching her breathe to speak.  She received the results from the blood work.

Our son was diagnosed with Trisomy 18.  I had never heard of this until she spoke those words to me.  She told me what this means to our son.  I couldn't speak.  I had to do research and found some stats that made me turn completely white.

Trisomy 18/Edward's Syndrome

1 in 3,000 - 6,000 baby's are effected by the syndrome
If they survive full-term, 50% survival through the first week of life, of those survivors, 90% don't make it to 6 months, of those survivors, only 10% see their first birthday.  A success story - to become a 12 year old.  Boys are 3x more susceptible to mortality.

It's been a tough day.  Lord hear our cry.

- Journal Entry from Aaron 

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