Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celebration Service is set

Today, I finally had to face what I had been putting off since week 19. This was when the doctor told us we should prepare for his death, even before we celebrated his life.  I just couldn't do that.
We got to celebrate his birth and now it was time for me to face this reality.

I was so emotional driving to this place.  I kept wanting to drive back home and not deal with these details.  However, when I arrived the staff at the funeral home treated me like family, and they truly made me feel like I was coming home.  They were so accommodating and compassionate.

As we began speaking about David, I said "Trisomy" and one of the associates eyes filled up.  You see, she shared with me that she had lost two children in 1999 and 2000 to Trisomy.  We immediately began discussing the medical field's knowledge of this lethal syndrome.  I prayed for this woman.
Another person's story of why Trisomy Awareness is so important.

As I was leaving we had hugs all around.  God again had his hand over this encounter.

We will be celebrating David on June 16th at 12:10pm, the time he was born to heaven.

In Lieu of Flowers we ask that you contact us on how you can donate to our dear friend's Trisomy Medical Care Expenses. Please read more about Trisomy expenses, if you are led.
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