Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tangible Hugs

Photo taken by: Lacy Basford! Divine Appointment! Bless you!!!
Last night we ventured out of the house for the first time since the hospital. We were blessed to have each one of our children create stuffed animals in memory of baby David.  What a tangible way to remember him and be comforted.  This was such a therapeutic time for our family.  

I present to you...our bear family:

Baby David's Bear
(with audio of David's Heartbeat at the touch of a paw)

Andrew's Gator Bear
(Heather picked this shirt our for David to wear home if he was too small.)

Joshua's (Reminds us of Allen)

Destiny's (she has a yellow belt in tae kwon do)

Lexi's (because he was pretty cool and had big feet)

 This healing moment was provided by the greatest company to work for in Gainesville!!! -
Charles Perry Partners, Inc.