Thursday, June 2, 2011

Telling Our Children, Part Two

We opted to not have our kids with us to prevent any kind of traumatic memories for them. So after our time with David, we brought the kids up Destiny (12), Lexi (9), Andrew (2), Joshua (1).

On the way up the elevator I prayed for God to give me the answers to their questions before we arrived in the room to tell them.

Destiny: "Daddy has anyone seen baby David yet?"
"No hunny"

Lexi: "How does he look?"
"Lots of hair, He has lots of hair hunny."

The first time we told the girls what Trisomy was, I couldn't speak - Heather had to tell them.  This time it was my turn.  "Girls, baby David is with Jesus now." The hardest sentence I've ever had to say.

While the girls cried, Andrew said "They crying?" I dreaded this moment since seeing my son for the last time.

That night from our babysitters the girls texted us:
Destiny the verbal communicator: "Mommy I need Mecenzies (Best Friend) Phone Number. I'm Sad."
Lexi the journaling/art communicator: Mommy I drew a picture of David with Jesus tonight"

When we got home we asked the girls if they wanted to see their brother.  We didn't want to force them to see him. They both said yes.  It was good.  We got to show them his physical features, and compared his 3D images.

Time for some R&R.  The Haynes Family has "Gone Fishin" for awhile.

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